Sunday, September 07, 2014

Blurred Lines

 lines. Monhegan Island, Maine. 2014 © Allison V. Smith

I'm back in Texas and feeling way overwhelmed with a extra large edit of photographs in front of me. 30 rolls of 120 film, over 8000 digital images and a ridiculous amount of cell-snaps #hipstamatic. Sometimes I  question myself why I am shooting so much in the first place? Do other photographers ask themselves this? Did Winogrand or Bresson or Lange question their practice? Should I slow down to edit or go out and shoot some more? Some of these photographs are slowly showing up in my archive and I hope to share some new Hasselblad photographs on my www soon. 


Brian Adams said...

AVS, 30 rolls of 120! I can't wait to see. Stay hungry! Go go go!

That being said, I just got off of shooting for five days in a row for 3 different clients and am editing and uploading non stop. Right now I am looking at your work and two others for inspiration. So please, keep it coming. Thanks AVS.

avs said...

Thanks Brian!!