Friday, August 01, 2014


Dos in Maine. Vinalhaven, Maine 2012 © Allison V. Smith
Dos in Texas. Albany, Texas 2014 © Allison V. Smith
Rest in Peace Dos.
This week we said good-bye to our best friend Dos. Dos was diagnosed with renal kidney failure over 100 days ago. We were told she only had a matter of days. Instead we got weeks and then months of love and we were all grateful. This week it ended and we hurt so much for the loss of sweet Dos. I'm out of tears and do find comfort knowing she will always be with me. For now
I'm watching for that lucky shooting star from Dos.


Polly said...

Oh, Allison. I am so sorry to hear about Dos. I'll always remember her joyful swim in our pond. Thinking of you guys.

Peggy Sullivan said...

Condolence on your loss

avs said...

Thank You, Peggy. We miss her everyday.

avs said...

Polly, that's such a special memory. Makes me laugh to think of her swimming circles in your pond. xo