Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Inspired at MMW

©Cig Harvey

©Cig Harvey

One of the best parts of being on the coast of Maine for the summer is catching up with the Maine Media Workshops where I first studied photography when I was 15 tears old. Last night we heard two lectures by wonderland photographer Cig Harvey and TIME Magazine cover whiz kid Gregory Heisler. Naturally I love hearing Heisler's stories because he tells them so well and his portraits are beautiful and fun to look at. Cig talked about her creative practice of making photographs not of things but about things. Above are two of my favorite images of hers that she showed us last night.


Anonymous said...

AS: I'm a steady visitor to your blog, I enjoy your work. As you must know, you are so very lucky to be able to escape TX for the paradise of Maine each summer. How can one not be jealous? Sorry :-)

As much as I like Gregory Heisler's work -- he really is a master -- and the vision he has, and his skill and in realizing that vision, I appreciate Cig Harvey's photos as much if not more. They have a "realness" that I feel is missing from GH's tightly controlled images.

What would be perfect is a show of you and Cig together, if that hasn't' been done already. The forms, the colors, the squares - it seems like a match.

MMW -- a truly special place. I used to vacation near there and would stop by for the shows in the evening, up those rickety stairs. A wonderful way to spend an evening after a day in Maine.

yours truly

avs said...

Thanks for the not, Anon.