Wednesday, May 29, 2013

From the Files: Robert Earl Keen

Robert Earl Keen. 1998. ©Dallas Morning News: Allison V. Smith

Thanks to my former photo editor at the Dallas Morning News, Guy Reynolds,  for the shout out on their photo blog. And as it turns out, thanks Guy for the awesome assignment to photograph Robert Earl Keen in 1998. I'd call this assignment one of the best assignments ever. As I remember it, we ate Mexican food at Avila's then drove north of Dallas to Connemara where this patient horse let Keen pose so casually. After our delightful photo shoot Keen's assistant shot this funny photo of us.

trading places with Robert Earl Keen. 1998


Haddock said...

Lovely pictures. (both) First time I get to see someone sitting on a horse like that.

Guy said...

I guess that wasn't a mother buckin' mare

jsl said...

are you sure it wasnt 1988? baby photo.