Thursday, January 24, 2013

Artspace at [Untitled] opening

Jerrie at Love Field. © Stanley Marcus
Maine-Anjou winner. Texas State Fair. Dallas, Texas. October 2010 ©Allison V. Smith
dismantled mannequins. Dallas, Texas © Stanley Marcus
Twins. August 2011. Rockport, Maine © Allison V. Smith
Opening tomorrow night at Artspace at [Untitled] in Oklahoma City : Reflections the photographs of Allison V. Smith and Stanley Marcus.

My grandfather, who died 11 years ago this month, was very supportive of my passion for photography. We had lunch regularly and mostly talked about photographs, books on photographs and photographers. He helped me grow my photography book collection very early by giving me books and catalogs on photography. He was very pleased when I was hired as a staff photographer for the Dallas Morning News and would frequently critique my photos and often ask why I had not had a photo on the cover of the paper that week. He was always watching and commenting and he always told the truth. Once he sent me a copy of the Metro section, circled my photograph in a red pen and wrote "not your best work."

This will be my very first time to exhibit along side my grandfather. This will also be the first time to show some new photographs including the photographs above. The two person show which consists of 24 of my photographs and 40 of my grandfathers will be up through March 30.

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very interesting and beautiful work.