Sunday, October 21, 2012

Family Portrait

family portrait. 1972. Dallas, Texas

It's Family Portrait season. I recently added some new images to the Commisions section of my website. When hired to photograph families, I go for a more natural, journalistic approach compared to the portrait of me and my siblings, cousins and great-grandmother above.
 I am the blonde with my fist in my mouth.


Guy said...

looks pretty natural to me. I like it.

avs said...

I agree Guy. I like it too. Especially the poses!
By natural I mean clothing & lighting.
Thanks for the comment.

jsl said...

better to have a fist in your mouth than a finger in your nose. i remember my sister would not take her finger out of her nose in a family photo and everyone was screaming at her to get it out and she didnt seem bothered at all. i think you should restage this photo as much as possible with a "where are they now" approach.