Tuesday, June 26, 2012

ZINE VI reviews

Zine VI © Brian Adams

Zine VI package © Daniel Driensky
Zine VI and lunch ©Daniel Driensky
ZINE VI © Rachid Molinary
 ZINE collector ©Leigh Reinert
Stamps from Zine Collection ©Trey Kazee
ZINE VI in California © Phillip Yip

The reviews are rolling in. In the past week, Zine VI  has been mailed to: Los Angeles, Portland, Oregon, New Taipei City, London, San Juan, Puerto Rico,  Brooklyn, Nashville,  Yoakum, Denton, Dallas & Arlington, Alaska, Massachusetts, Maine and Missouri. Only 52 left 50 Left. 


brian adams said...

This is awesome! Thanks for including us AVS! Love the ZINE!

Phil said...

So cool! Thanks for this and of course the wonderful zines over the years!

Annalilly said...

I was excited to get mine along with a print. We fought wretched 121/114 traffic, but luckily we were there when you still had two prints left. I hope to have a collection one day, so keep making zines!