Friday, June 08, 2012

Diana F+

letting loose with Chromiac. Austin, Texas 2012. ©Allison V. Smith
Chromiac. Austin, Texas 2012. ©Allison V. Smith

road trip with Chromiac. Austin, Texas 2012. ©Allison V. Smith

Thanks Lomography Gallery Store in Austin for asking me to be apart of the Lomography World Tour. I love the Chromiac Diana F+ you gave me and had lots of fun photographing it!  
Next medium format camera I want to try is the Lubitel 166+. ;)


brian adams said...

FUN! Love the looks of the 166+ to!

Also, looking forward to the next ZINE AVS!

avs said...

So fun, Brian! and cute too. I think the silver Diana would look good with your get-up!

Aquarelle Bleue said...

What do you think of the camera, in terms of its functionality? I had a Diana Edelweiss for a while and maybe I'm just not very good hehe, but I could never get the effects that I wanted. After a short while the little tab to change focus settings and the shutter stopped working and I still have unfinished film in it!
Love the blog, I've being a reader for a few years now! :-)

brian adams said...

Thanks AVS! You can never gone wrong with silver. :) Timeless.

avs said...

@aquarellebleue The Diana F+ is a toy. A cute toy and a frustrating toy. You have to shoot it enough to understand where the leaks and kinks are. One of my fave photogs who has mastered it is Gordon Stettinius. Check out his website:

Thanks for reading my blog ;)