Saturday, February 11, 2012

He Helped the World to See

Family cemetery. August 2011. Vinalhaven, Maine © Allison V. Smith

I stumbled upon this photograph this morning and wanted to share it. What a beautiful epitaph on photographer Eliot Elisofon's tombstone. A message and reminder for all photographers. Below a super studly photo of Elisofon. Get to know his beautiful photography here. Read more here.
Eliot Elisofon © LIFE Magazine


Crooked Horizons said...

AVS--You can't imagine it. When I was young I'd look at LIFE every week as it came out. Eliot, John Dominos, Bill Eppridge, Ralph Crane, Grey Villet, Stan Wayman and Gordon Parks -- just some of the photographers who knocked my eyes out every week. Nice photograph you have there. Thanks for posting! John Fulton

avs said...

That's awesome JFjr. Thanks for sharing.