Thursday, December 15, 2011

Book Report 2011

 Photography Book Report 2011. by Allison V. Smith

Fred Herzog. Photographs
Lee Friedlander. America By Car
Lee Friedlander. The New Cars 1964
Tim Hetherington. Infidel 
William Eggleston. Before Color
Wallace Berman. Photographs
Linda McCartney. Life in Photographs
Linda McCartney. Life in Photographs

In no particular order, here is a list of my favorite photography books that I acquired in 2011. Please note,  I'm not saying they were all published in 2011, they just came to my attention this year.

1. Fred Herzog. Photographs. My mom gave me this book for my birthday this year. It's one of the most inspiring of all the books above. The rich, saturated color and Vancouver street scenes are mostly from the 50s and 60s. Herzog's subject matter is similar to Robert Frank and even Walker Evans, but shot in color. I look forward to learning more about medical photographer/street photographer Herzog.

2 & 3. Yes, I love Lee Freidlander and am on a mission to own all his books (I'm getting close) because they never disappoint. America By Car is a collection of road trip images shot over the past ten years through the passenger side window, the driver's side window and sometimes the dashboard. Each image has it's own story and tells it though Freidlander's signature mash up of shapes and lines. The New Cars 1964 is equally fantastic and published by Fraenkel Gallery (a win win situation). Despite the title, all photographs were shot in Detroit in 1963. Shot through doors, reflected in windows, each image holds it's own mystery.

4. Tim Hetherington. Infidel. This small journal-like book is dark, powerful and haunting. I purchased it a week before Hetherington was killed in Libya. The last 15 pages are unforgettable photographs of sleeping soldiers. These perfect photographs have the power to bring me to tears.

5. William Eggleston. Before Color. Eggleston has his very own vision. A point of view that is his very own whether in b&w or color, you know it's his. This book just feels collectible.

6. Wallace Berman. Photographs Photo Eye calls Berman "The quintessential visual artist of the Beat Generation." I had seen his art but never his photographs. His photos of friends and family are very personal, beautiful quirky moments all shot in that love/magic light. I look at this regularly for inspiration.

7. Linda McCartney. Life in Photographs I LOVE the cover of this book. It's a portrait I wish I had made. I also love McCartney's black and white family photographs.The image above IS the decisive moment. Like Berman, her everyday family photographs make me want to shoot more and more.

And since we are in the season, I can confidently say that anyone of the above books would make a great gift to the photography book lover in your life. And if you want to know what to get me, here is my wish list of photography books that I don't own, but hope to someday. #photographybooks


Fabio said...

Lee Friedlander: America by Car
I found this book at more than 300 euros !!! Out of catalog ??

avs said...

Wow! Just looked at Amazon prices. The same thing. Must be out of print. I hope you can find one. It's a beautiful book. Thanks for the comment, Fabio.