Tuesday, November 15, 2011

In Print: Stephen King

11-15-11 USA TODAY

Stephen King. 6th Floor Museum. November 2011 Dallas, Texas © Allison V. Smith

Last Thursday at 9 a.m.,  I spent 10 minutes photographing author Stephen King for today's USA Today. I photographed him near the window Oswald perched in 48 years ago when he shot the fatal shots. King was cool, unexpectedly funny and only sort of scary.. just kidding, he wasn't scary at all. He even admitted to feeling creeped out by being on the 6th floor. Read Carol Memmott's  interview with King here. Buy his new book here.


Your escalator operator said...

Congratulations - great shot and cool gig!

Dan Routman said...

great photo!

brian adams said...

Nice work AVS. Everything about this photo fits him perfectly.