Thursday, November 17, 2011

"the boy photographer"

Dallas. 1930s. © Stanley Marcus
Earlier this week I was contacted by Dallas architect David Benners who found a photograph in his grandmother's archives that he thought I would be interested in seeing. Benners emailed the above photograph of his grandmother (in the center) with friends. On the back it is signed:
"A Merry Xmas. From H. Stanley Marcus (the boy photographer)." 
I love the action and connection the stylish women are having with the "boy photographer." I  only wish there were more to see.  The book of my grandfather's photographs that my mom and I published in 2008, Reflection of a Man, is all rich, colorful kodachrome shot from 1936-1968. I have a few B&W photographs of his from the Taos Pueblo shot in the 30s, but nothing like this. I am in love with this new found photograph.Thanks for sharing, David Benners.


Ben Sklar said...

Taos Pueblo in the 1930s? I want to see that!

avs said...

I'll work on that! Thanks, Ben.