Friday, September 02, 2011

edits from Maine

 near the boy's fort. August 2011. Rockport, Maine © Allison V. Smith
The Olson House. August 2011. Cushing, Maine © Allison V. Smith
Rainy Day. August 2011. Rockport, Maine © Allison V. Smith

It is a tall order editing photos from my summer in Maine. I shot 62 rolls of film this summer. Portraits, details, family, strangers, artists, woods and ocean. All with my Hasselblad . I'm never sure where any of it will land. I just shoot for myself. It's a peaceful place to be for me. Above are a few that immediately grabbed me. I'll post more as I continue to edit and will eventually make some updates to my site. I promise to blog more often too. I've been silent lately, but I've had a lot on my mind. I needed that space. Thanks.


Your escalator operator said...

Great to see a new post. Thanks for the dose of inspiration.

If it's not prying too much, could you share any background about what went into making the image of the house? Not the equipment, but how long it took to set up, how many different versions of this basic shot you tried, why you picked this one to show?

avs said...

Thank you. It was the last frame on a roll of 12 exposures on my Hasselblad. It just started to rain and I had a second to stand eye to eye with the beautiful Olsen House. I shot one frame and then quickly rolled the film up. Sometimes the images I see and respond to quickly turn out to surprise me the most.

Your escalator operator said...

How cool! Great result, obviously. Thanks for the story.