Monday, September 19, 2011

Mr. Metro + Mr. Sports

Jim Mahoney at work. 2009. Texas © Allison V. Smith
In a hot air balloon with Jim Mahoney. 2009. Texas © Allison V. Smith
receiving bravery medal with Jim Mahoney.  2009. Texas © Allison V. Smith

Earlier this month, the Dallas Morning News laid off 38 people from their shrinking newsroom. Two of whom I greatly respect , admire and call friends, my former DMN colleagues : Jim Mahoney and John F. Rhodes. Both worked at the DMN for over 30 years each. 

I'm sad that I won't ever see John F. Rhodes spot on sports photographs & Jim Mahoney's daily metro look on life in the DMN again.But it's the young photographers I'm saddest for, who won't get the opportunity to work along side hardworking, ethical, funny guys like Jim & John.

A few years back, I ran into Jim Mahoney on an assignment. We flew in a hot air balloon over the cow pastures in Duncanville.  After the ride, we received medals for our bravery. Above are a few outtakes from that very funny morning. 

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mk said...

What the youngsters coming up will miss, most of all, is the seasoned voices of 2 solid guys who never hesitated to tell you their informed opinion, whether it was about your latest shoot, how to use a 20mm or the best spot on the sideline. Good luck, Jim and John.