Monday, September 05, 2011

Dog Love

 Quincy. August 2011. Rockport, Maine © Allison V. Smith
Eider. August 2011. Camden, Maine © Allison V. Smith
Sadie. August 2011. Vinalhaven, Maine © Allison V. Smith
Stella. August 2011. Rockport, Maine © Allison V. Smith
Here are a handful of the sweet dogs that I photographed this summer. I picked up 20 more rolls from Photographique today. "Great work, kid" Paul Black, the owner, fellow dog lover and long time photo mentor said to me as I raced to get in my car to get home to start editing.
I needed that, thanks Paul. 
And the edit continues.


jan sonnenmair said...

love love lovey love love!

Sharon said...

These are wonderful. The second one is especially moving.


Anonymous said...

The black lab image is awesome. Nice work, AVS.

Anonymous said...

This photos are lovely. You have a great eye for composition. The photo of the lab would be my favorite if he didn't look so depressed. Poor pooch.

Annalilly said...

I love your pet portraits!

Lauren said...

@ Anonymous, he's not depressed, he's focused on the treat being held up behind the camera! Trust me, he's the wiggliest, happiest little labby I know! ;-)