Thursday, May 26, 2011

homage to Eggleston part two

Ginger Ale on Ice. May 25, 2011. ©Allison V. Smith

Untitled. 1970 © William Eggleston
Flying home yesterday from a fun photo shoot in San Antonio with my pals at Hotel Havana,
I shot my empty ginger ale glass. 
I always do. 
It's my homage to William Eggleston's airplane image from 1970.


kristin e bazan. said...

that is my absolute fave eggleston photo. i remember being mesmerized by it when i saw it at the dma. :]

Allan said...

Great shot, AVS. Reminds me of the one of the stryofoam cups from the Kosse Mine last year.

I am Matthew Nager said...

Nice. I'm guessing his image had more than ginger ale.

VM said...

I love ginger ale on a plane, the only time I drink it.

Anne said...

I've been in love with pictures taken on a plane, lately! In particular, I love what Courtney Perry has posted on her blog and some of Julieanne Kost's from Window Seat. Thank you!