Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Zine 5. 40 Days

40 Days. Zine 5. April 2010. © Allison V. Smith

It's officially official.
40 Days will be available for sale sometime towards the end of the week.

Here are the  facts:
 40 color photos all made with my iPhone from January 2010 to May 2010
 designed by editor and creative director of Refueled Magazine, Chris Brown
signed edition of 250
I am printing all 40 images from the book and they will be included in the first 40 sold.

This is my 5th Zine! 


Jeb said...

This is gonna be good!

brian adams said...

Can't wait to see it AVS, Zine 5!

Anonymous said...

Okay...how does one BUY one?
Big fan up here in Toronto.

Thanks Jen

Dallas Arts Salon said...

Can't wait!

avs said...

Hey Thanks!!
I am waiting for the zines to arrive from the printer.
I hope Friday!
Stamps, envelopes and the 40 prints should arrive tomorrow. I am pretty excited to share this one.

Patrick Dove said...

Can we pre-order?

avs said...

no pre-ordering ....yet...

Anonymous said...

Zine 5..!! I can't wait. And for the record, I CAN judge a book by its cover -- this zine's going to be awesome. xx grey

avs said...

Grey, I like your style! xx

Anne said...

Where do we buy them? Let me know - annalilly@Gmail.com.

avs said...

soon. very soon.