Tuesday, March 01, 2011

AVS Archive on Photoshelter

AVS archive on PhotoShelter©Allison V. Smith

I am pretty excited about my growing archive on PhotoShelter. I recommend PhotoShelter for those looking to for a professional way to deliver images to clients & archive images for stock. Check it out here.


brian adams said...

Nice AVS! Love the new layout.

Anna @ D16 said...

Is there an easy way for me to know which images can be licensed as stock?

I am Matthew Nager said...

Rounded Corners!

avs said...

Thanks Brian!
Anna, thanks for the comment ;) ( I love your blog! & am the second biggest MJ fan next to you ;) I have not figured out the best way to distinguish stock images yet. If you see one you would like to use, let me know and we can discuss.
Matt, could not have done it without you. You are an awesome friend, btw.