Monday, February 07, 2011

Troy's Dallas

Troy Aikman. February 2011. Dallas, Texas © Allison V. Smith
I photographed Troy Aikman on one of the darkest, rainiest days this month for USA Today. I told him the last time I photographed him was during the 1993 Super Bowl parade in downtown Dallas. I don't think  my lucky shot of him tipping his hat in a convertible made the paper because of the riot that ensued after the parade. See Troy's Dallas here where you'll see he proclaimed "Deep Ellum district has made a comeback." See you at the All Good, Troy!


Coqui said...

I'm a huge fan of Troy and think he always looks great but your picture is particularly awesome.

brian adams said...

Beautiful portrait AVS. Any film to go with that? :)

avs said...

Thanks Coqui!!
Brian , sadly no, wish I had come prepared.

mk said...

This one gives me a little man crush, Allie. Nice stuff.