Sunday, January 02, 2011

RIP Frankie 45

Deep Ellum Kids. January 2004. Dallas, Texas. © Allison V. Smith
 Frankie 45. July 2009. Dallas, Texas © Allison V. Smith

I am filled with sadness from yesterday's news.
I first photographed Frankie in 2004 for the Dallas Morning News outside the Deep Ellum tunnel with his 14 year-old sister Amber. It was for a story on teenagers growing up in Deep Ellum. 
Frankie was a natural. I knew it the second we started taking photos. 
5 years later I photographed Frankie for the Dallas Observer's Music Awards issue. 
Spector 45 had been nominated for best Punk band.
I singled out Frankie and shot the above portrait of him.
I remember telling him how I loved photographing him and how he seemed surprised.
 Frankie was always sincere and sweet. He was truly a shining star. 
I feel so lucky that I had the opportunity to know him. 


douglas said...

The July photo really captures Frankie and the smile we all remember. It embraces what good photography is all about, capturing a spirit and rendering it when needed.

Sarah Jane said...

RIP indeed. Lovely photos of a smiling young face.

Anonymous said...

To spill soul is the predestination
For those called
To be
Salt and light
Its the filter that spits the transmission
Flawless heat
Forever glowing
Assembling in the name of
This sweet life