Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dallas in Lights

American Way. January 2011. Photos by  Allison V. Smith

Check it out. I have a few photos in this month's issue of American Way along with Eric Celeste's  insiders look into Dallas & Fort Worth in time for the Super Bowl XLV. (at left) Fred's Texas Cafe in Fort Worth and at right Brad Oldham's Traveling Man in Dallas.


Anne said...

I enjoy reading American Way when I'm traveling. I got a great recipe for German Chocolate Pecan Pie from a restaurant in Austin they did a piece on. I'm interested in what they say about Dallas to go along with the pretty pictures you took.

Jason Janik: Life as a Dallas Photographer said...

I saw this the other week when I flew to Disney World and back. I always like seeing my friends in print!

avs said...

Thanks Anne.

Thanks Jason. Your work looks great in the current D Magazine.