Wednesday, November 17, 2010

the Zorros

 Zorro. October 2010. Dallas, Texas © Allison V. Smith
 Zorro. October 2010. Dallas, Texas © Allison V. Smith
Just picked up a roll of film from Halloween . Zorro was a popular costume this year, at least on my street. Check out my photoshelter gallery of my neighborhood Halloween portraits from this year and last. See here for My vote for the best Gilligan costume, ever.


Jason W. Dean said...

AVS - these are so good! I love the photos in the gallery as well - Einstein is great!

Hey, where do you get these processed again, and what service do you use there?


I am Matthew Nager said...

I always loved Zoro myself.

avs said...

Thanks J.Dean!
My photo lab of my choice is Photographique in Dallas on Cedar Springs. They process, scan & contact my film. Ask for Paul!

Sharon Van Lieu said...

The first shot is wonderful!


Melanie said...

Oh, these are great. I'm partial to the Gilligan, too. The ghost is pretty classic.