Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More on Maine

 self portrait on the path. August 2010. Rockport, Maine
self portrait visiting friendsAugust 2010. Rockport, Maine

I think I have missed a few summers in Maine.
One was the year I was born and then once when I was a teenager
when it seemed like a better idea to stay in the Texas heat with my friends. 
25 of those summers I have been making photographs. 
It all started when I was a yo-pho at the Maine Photographic Workshop and continues.
My show, Maine, opens Saturday night at the Barry Whistler Gallery and has 18 new photographs from the past three years in Maine. All shot while wandering around with with my Hasselblad.
The simple photographs explore familiar places. Familiar places with magical meanings.
Above are a few self portraits made while I was exploring in Maine this past summer.
Bookmark the Barry Whistler Gallery blog to find out more about Maine.

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