Friday, October 08, 2010

Marfa Experience

Marfa , Texas experience. Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog. 2010

You too can have your own customized Marfa, Texas experience , as seen in the 2010 Neiman Marcus catalog. I was thrilled when they asked about using some of my images in the catalog pitching the one of a kind west Texas experience. See all the "Fantasy Gifts" here. Sign me up for this one.


Jen said...

Umm, how about that Leica! The houseboats are incredible. One could take "The Ladies Man" to a whole new level with those.

You're fancy, AVS.

Jeb said...

Ok, now this is cool!!!

wwatch said...

Well, are the pictures in the picture yours too?

avs said...

The three photos on the left side are mine!

Sarah Jane said...

Far out. There outta be an "indoor camping" experience at my family's place. Bwahahaha.

When are you coming, speaking of? I've got a smallish trip planned Nov 18-21 if you're free and up for it.