Wednesday, October 20, 2010

1989 called,

Mom&Dad. October 1989. Maine © Allison V. Smith
Mom&Dad. October 1989. Maine © Allison V. Smith
1989 called, they want their slides back. 
Last month I sent a handful of old slides to India to get scanned. More specifically , Scan Cafe
My buddy Van Hayes told me about this so called Scan Cafe. What a deal. I'm preparing my next package of slides to send away! Above are two photos I shot of my parents while taking a photo workshop with Michael O'Brien in 1989. The assignment: photograph something that is close to you. The critique: pay more attention to light which turned out to be some of the best advice ever.
 I plan to load more. I can't help myself.


kristin elena. said...

whoa. as an ex drum scanner, those are some ridiculous prices! i'd like to see the quality of those scans.

mk said...

Fred really nailed his look early on. Jerrie, hmmm, gurrrl, you're so fine now but you should put a switch to your daughter's tail for posting these.

avs said...

Kristin, I think the scans look pretty great. Spotless for one.
MK, thanks for the laugh. Seriously. You've got Fred pegged and don't tell my mom!

Sally said...

Jerrie and Fred Smith
Woody Allen's
"Pillow Talk 2: The Maine Event"

Anonymous said...

NO MORE!!!!!!!!