Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Alexander Gronsky

©Alexander Gronsky

©Alexander Gronsky

One of my sisters just passed a long a link to me of photographer Alexander Gronsky's work. 
She saw a show of his on a recent trip to Amsterdam. 
The simplicity, use of empty space, composition & timing in these photographs are perfect.  
These photos really inspire me!


jan sonnenmair said...

maybe he just lost his telephoto lens in the snow.
Actually, i LOVE the futbol one! LOVE!

industrycaptain said...

cool. reminds me of this work i saw the other day:

avs said...

Nice. I have Peter Bialobrzeski's book Heimat. I told my sister the same thing, but I do like their work equally. Alexander's subject is Moscow which appeals to me.

Michael Sebastian said...

Allison, I love this work for precisely the same reasons as you. I've seen the photograph of the dogs in sweaters against the snow, but not the other image.

Adam Fowler said...

Wow! Great work, specially the effect of snow and space, it gives a very different, divine feel to the image.

Shana said...

Where are the shoes? :-)