Tuesday, June 15, 2010


prisoner 4100 © The National Archives
This mug shot of 10-year-old George Davey shot in 1872 and found on The National Archive's flickr page has been haunting me. Poor kid was sentenced to one month's hard labour in Wandsworth Prison for stealing two rabbits. If you are into it, here are a few links to other shared archives on flickr:


Anonymous said...

Wow. Poor kid does look just fed up and beat down all at the same time. I'll post on my blog some of my more recent favorites from the LoC's flickr, but for now here is an older post with a few of my favorite front pages from the LoC.


avs said...

love those front pages. especially that deep sea fishing cover. whoa. Thanks Jason.

Jen said...

This is good! The interesting thing to me is that the child looks so modern. I think I have seen this face many times. :)

avs said...

Totally. That's why it haunts me so.
Yeah for online Archives!