Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Vaughans & Freddie. New Orleans. 2010 © Allison V. Smith

Film fun day for sure. Above some photos from last weekend in New Orleans. I picked up two rolls today from the lab and the highlight was looking at the contact sheet for the first time. I'll post a few more in the morning.


Jason said...

Looking forward to seeing more! Do you recommend that lab? Are they reasonably priced? As you know I send off my film, but spending my film dollars locally would be much better.

avs said...

Photographique is the best! You could even send it to them. They are the cleanest and friendliest lab in town. Not to mention I worked there when I was 19 printing b&w (for a month). Glad you like these. I'll post 2 more after this cup of coffee.

erin said...

these are terrific!