Sunday, January 10, 2010

My new favorite books. Jan2010. © Allison V. Smith
Protest Photographs © Chauncey Hare
Flying Pictures ©Daniel Gordon

Lately on the photo blogs there has been a lot of talk about the Future of Photo Books. I am a big fan of the photo book so naturally it got my interest. Seemed like a good time to blog about some of my new favorite photo (and one art) books. Some Christmas gifts from friends and family others gifts to myself.
In no particular order, my new favorite books are :


I am Matthew Nager said...

I think we need to hang out. I want to see these books!

avs said...

Come on by. I can't believe the Germain book I bought for $35. is now selling for $1000. I love the future of photo books! Rare and collectable!

Jason said...

Thanks for sharing, Allison - like I've said before, the librarian in me loves these things!

avs said...

What are your favorite books Jason? I also forgot to mention Christopher Anderson: Capitolio. It's on my wishlist!