Wednesday, October 07, 2009

fashion © Irving Penn

Jean Cocteau © Irving Penn

fashion © Irving Penn

In 1999, my grandfather gave me a signed copy of a catalog of Issey Miyake with photographs by Irving Penn. The enclosed note reads:" Dear Allie, Penn in my opinion, is the greatest of the fashion photographers and perhaps one of the real Greats of the 20th century. Stanley" In 2000, my mom and I saw a show of Penn's work in at the MFAH. Seeing his prints in person and in mass made my grandfather's words very clear. Penn could fill a frame like nobody's business. From high end fashion to New Guinea mud men, Penn put them at ease. I especially love the body language in his portrait of poet, set designer & artist Jean Cocteau (see above). RIP Irving Penn. Thanks for the inspiration.


Frazoa, Filipa said...

I Love his photographs!
I have a book with Irving Penn's works and I love every single page of it!
RIP Irving Penn

avs said...

I agree. I have the beautiful Irving Penn book with the Szarkowski forward (one of my top 10 faves from my book collection) and A Notebook At Random which truly is random and an insight into the great photographer's way of thinking.