Monday, August 31, 2009

© Stanley Marcus, Reflection of a Man

Two years ago my mother and I published a book photographs called Reflection of a Man, the photographs of Stanley Marcus. Every time we spoke publicly about the book I would find myself saying multiple times "Seriously, this is my favorite photograph." The above photo of the Italian waitress is Seriously one of my favorite photographs in the book. Thus the introduction for a new segment on Superficial Snapshots, the blog, called No seriously, this is my favorite photograph. See you again next time.


trey kazee said...

sounds like a fun category.

aubs and milia still want their ROAM signed!

Heather said...

Mom just gave me Uncle Stanley's book and it is absolutely fabulous. You and your Mom should be so prod of yourself!!! This photo of the waitress is a great shot!!! Keep up the good work.

Chelsey said...

wow, it's an amazing shot.
the colors, composition... I mean, everything. The subject is very interesting too, she almost looks like she is daring you to find out who she is.
I really like the photo, a lot.

brian adams said...

seriously, that is an amazing photograph. I like the new name category name too. :)

avs said...

Brian, I sort of wanted to name it: no Seriously, this is my favorite photograph ever. Decided to drop the ever. You'll see more. I think I say that twice a week.