Wednesday, March 04, 2009

regulars. February 2009. Clifton, Texas. © Allison V. Smith

Chicken Fried Steak. February 2009. Clifton, Texas © Allison V. Smith

Gennie's Sign. February 2009. Clifton, Texas © Allison V. Smith

I had a mouth watering assignment for the New York Times in Clifton, Texas last month. It ran today in the Dining&Wine section. Check it here. Yum, yum.


trey kazee said...

nice work!

now closed, though? sad.

avs said...

yes closed& so very sad. It was a real treat spending the afternoon with Rosemarie and her husband Gus. I learned how to make a cube steak and then ate it like it was my last meal. ;)

Anonymous said...

I used to be a regular at Rosemarie's when at the Dallas Times Herald and would make special trips over to eat there after moving to Fort Worth Star-Telelgram. I think I loved the rolls as much as the CFS, and what a great lady Rosemarie was, always with a big smile.
You can make the cube steak like hers? Well lets get married then.. woops too

love you .. and congratulations if yo know what I mean. milton

Susana said...

this is very inspirational for my pending dallas sojourn, if you know what i mean!

avs said...

oooh yes Susana, remind me the dates. I wanna crash the party!
and Milton, I had no idea you worked at the Times Herald. Awesome, we worked at two of the same newspapers.

Randy Eli Grothe said...

Dog-ears don't get no better.

avs said...

especially with gravy on top.