Monday, March 30, 2009

Frederick Wiseman. 2008 © Chris Buck

The best thing about my freshman year in college was the junior only documentary class that I was allowed to take because the photography class had filled up. The professor showed us Frederick Wiseman's chilling documentary Titicut Follies. In 1967 just before it's release, the government banned the documentary claiming " film violated the patients' privacy and dignity." The film blew my 18-year-old mind and inspired me to pursue photojournalism. Basically I have been a big fan of Weisman ever since. When I met him in the late 90s I was able to thank him and tell him how he and David Byrne were two of my visual inpirators (is that a word?) . Having said that, I will be at the 4:15 showing of "The Store" , a documentary Wiseman made in 1983 on Neiman Marcus. I have seen it only once before and I remember it was strange watching my grandfather in full leadership roll. Mark your calendars, SMU is hosting An Evening with Fred Wiseman scheduled for April 14 at 6:30 p.m. at the Hughes Trigg Theater. Frederick Wiseman Rules! (oh and so does Chris Buck who shot the above photo of Wiseman.)

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Anonymous said...

Great story Allie of things going in circles and coming back years later. I love it! Jessica