Monday, January 12, 2009

Dallas, Texas 1945 ©Life Magazine /Nina Leen
Dallas, Texas. 1939 © Life Magazine/ Alfred Eisenstaedt
Dallas, Texas. 1954.© Life Magazine/ Lisa Larsen
My uncle just emailed me this link to an amazing set of photographs of Neiman Marcus shot by LIFE magazine photographers. I never knew Eistenstaedt shot fashion. Cool. Also check out these exceptionally cool female photographers Nina Leen here and Lisa Larsen here (check the dates). What an inspiring find! Read more here about LIFE magazine photos online.


jan sonnenmair said...

Ok now I officially have a crush on Lisa Larsen. So cool!

avs said...

plus she had had the best assignments not to mention cute Keds..

check out:

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trey kazee said...


avs said...

I just searched Dallas in the LIFE search and found some amazing historical photos. Cool stuff for sure!