Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hall Pass installation. Barry Whistler Gallery. 2008 ©Allison V. Smith

It's officially the last week of my show at the Barry Whistler Gallery. I'm in town all week, so if you'd like to meet at the gallery, let me know. The gallery has a handful of Oddly Enough viewers still available. 3 for $25. Gallery hours Wednesday-Saturday 12-5. Catch it while you can.


Liz said...

I keep meaning to thank you for sending that announcement for your show. It's on my fridge, and I think of you every time I get a Diet Mountain Dew, which is a lot. :)

Allison V. Smith said...

Fridge art! cool. Glad you like it!

Melissa K said...

The kids and I went after school today. (I thought that'd be appropriate.) ;) It was wonderful and they really dug the viewers. We left pretty promptly when my son started sliding across the floor on his knees. Thank goodness we were the only ones there!