Friday, October 17, 2008

Fahamu Pecou. October 2008. Dallas, Texas ©Allison V. Smith

I shot Fahamu!

Met up with Fahamu Pecou at the Conduit Gallery this afternoon for a last minute photo shoot. His show,Stunt'd Like My Daddy , opens tomorrow night. " His newest body of work, Stunt'd Like My Daddy continues to build on the themes of self-promotion and identity as the "Fahamu Pecou is the Shit" character is literally stripped down, focusing on confronting "the imposition of stereotypes on the black male in the media, art and order to rethink black male responsibility - to look beyond the media when trying to define one's self and to embrace individuality as a means of strengthening and building healthy black families, communities and culture." (thanks dan-ette). Also, check out painting 34 on Fahamu's site for the AVS shout out. Oh and don't miss out on FAHAMENON, a limited edition cool catalog of Fahamu's work.


Zac said...

That show was phenomenal. So's your photo of him.

Allison V. Smith said...

thanks Zac! I love his new paintings, a lot.