Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Self Portrait, Fosters Pond, 1989. © Arno Rafael Minkkinen
Self Portrait, Bistrot Les Sans Culottes, Paris, 2004. © Arno Rafael Minkkinen

This is worth checking out .. Arno Rafael Minkkinen has an exhibit of his work at the Richland College Lago Vista Gallery August 27 - September 25, 2008. His self portraits and portraits are filled with grace , beauty and sometimes humor.


trey kazee said...

a sad truth: i am in milan and without any form of camera (including mobile phone - am carrying the office bberry w/o camera).


wendyparee said...

Ha ha. He made a naked butt derrière. Sans Culottes means No Undies. Humor indeed!

Allison V. Smith said...

Wendy, thanks for the translation! Great comment! Trey , I' feeling your pain.