Friday, September 12, 2008

Hall Pass installation. September 12, 2008. Barry Whistler Gallery. Dallas, Texas © avs

1. The show is up and last minute details are being made. See more installation shots here.
2. I was interviewed for the THINK show which will air tonight at 7:30, gulp.
3.I'll be launching a little side project Saturday night called "Oddly Enough". There will be three versions at $10 each.
4. Take it easy Ike.
5. See you at the show!


jt said...

call me the postal service. I'm there no matter the weather.

trey kazee said...

hrm, i hope you saved some. we never saw them, but that might be because we were chasing an overstimulated 2 year old.

most of the time, though, she kept asking when she could talk to you. fast friends, i suppose.