Monday, August 11, 2008

1 Nonesuch Road

1938. dallas
Today I joined Preservation Dallas. This is why.


leila said...

how upsetting. i hope they change their mind

trey kazee said...

fingers crossed

Lindsay A. Graham said...

No joke. "Energy inefficiency"? Come on now.

Allison V. Smith said...

I love my uncle's response to energy on the observer blog:

When my father sold his home he was well aware that the purchaser would subdivide the property for additional homes. I suspect he was also aware that the new homes would be considerably different in style to the one that he and my mother built in 1936. He probably suspected that the new owners might replace the existing house in time.

Growing up in this home my sisters and I were aware that we lived in a "very modern" house - at least that is what our friends' parents would tell us. Some were suspicious that it represented a style slightly "un-American.

At a certain age we understood that the home built by our parents was, in terms of Dallas architecture, different and, in the eyes of many visitors, something special.

But, what truly made it special was what occurred inside: tea with Eleanor Roosevelt, the steady stream of the world's foremost fashion and product designers, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis for a late supper after appearing at the State Fair Music Hall, exchange students from all over the world, lunch with Lady Bird Johnson, Murrow's Boys from CBS News: Daniel Schorr, David Schoenbrun, Marvin Kalb, Winston Burdett and Eric Sevareid for a late night visit..... and many, many others.

What happened inside shaped our family's understanding of the world around us and, in some small way, influenced what happened in Dallas as a whole.

Perhaps the current owners are unaware of the spirits, voices and ideas that inhabit their home. Perhaps they will find ways to solve the energy inefficiency and enjoy the true energy of their home.

Melissa K said...

oh this is really awful. is there any grass roots thing that can be done? boo!

Lindsay A. Graham said...

Thank the Lord:

trey kazee said...


Allison V. Smith said...

Great news. The house was saved. Now, let's make sure it's preserved for our lifetime. Cheers to Dallas.