Friday, August 08, 2008

avs on mvs

MVS critique. August 2008. © Allison V. Smith
If you ever get the opportunity to hear Mary Virginia Swanson speak or the chance to take a workshop with her, you know what to do, do it. Swannie is incredibly generous with her knowledge of the business of photography. For the past three years I have talked to her students about life as a freelancer. Above a shot from Friday's class at the Maine Media Wokshops. See her calendar of events here.


leila said...

go swanie!!

rob penner said...

Ms. Smith...Lovely to meet you in Maine. Nice picture of MVS leaning over my photos. -rp

Allison V. Smith said...

Rob- Best to you. Good luck with your future projects. cheers! avs

Susie said...

Great to meet you and enjoyed the book signing. I'm back in TX and can't find an email to send you and your mom some pics.