Friday, July 18, 2008

Big Tex. July 18, 2008. Dallas, Texas ©Allison V. Smith
Big Tex was fitted for a new outfit today. I was hired by the Dallas Observer to go shoot for a slideshow for their website. It's the second time this week I have shot specifically for the web. I am afraid it's not a trend but a look into the future.


Tom Leininger said...

At least you did not have to turn around an audio slideshow. The legs picture is great. Nothing against audio of course, it is just nice to see pictures on their own.

Allison V. Smith said...

Ha! I did for the NYTimes. That's the other web assignment I mentioned. Should be up soon. Did you get your "prize"?

Fly on the Wall said...

it is a great shot, even without audio. was the guy screaming or anything?

brian adams said...

It is scary. I love paper, it gives a much more fulfilling feeling. :(

I really want to see that ny times slide show though!
love the photo too.