Monday, April 21, 2008

High Five. 2003. ©avs
David Byrne was in Big D last month and wrote on his blog about our lovely highway, the High Five, seen above from below. He writes: "When driving on the upper levels, you are almost completely unaware that you are arcing and swooping and curving in a ballet with all the other vehicles exiting and merging down below." This is what I love the most about Byrne, he sees beauty in the industrial, mundane.


holly said...

someone needs to hire him to do p.r. for dallas tourism. his descriptions are like poetry.

shutter said...

Do you all see "True Stories".

I am not sure I would like his p.r. Though I love his music and found the movie very funny but not flattering for Texans.

People like us, who will answer the telephone. People like us, growing big as a house.

Oh, and Radiohead got their name from that movie.

avs said...

dream operator is my favorite song in the whole world. as is True Stories in the movie catagory. Have you all seen the book of photos of the making of True Stories? Photos by William Eggleston and David Byrne. One of my favorites!