Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Simon, the Cat Burglar

I spent 9 hours in the Love Field Airport today waiting for my canceled 10 am flight to Houston to be rescheduled. It never happened so I never made it to Houston to meet up with my mom ,who is signing at Brazos bookstore as I write. I spent my morning teary eyed and laughing while reading the best blog about the coolest cat in the world. It's unfortunate that I only discovered it today (thanks Guy) and that the amazing story sadly ended on March 3rd. Simon the cat burglar seen above photo by Austin photographer and Simon's mom Deborah Cannon.
RIP Simon, I wish I had known you.


Social Breakfast said...

Sorry you missed your flight.

I just cried the bed.

The Tart said...

So bitter sweet.

Go here for a good story ... http://dailycoyote.blogspot.com/

The Tart
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Jan Richards said...

PEOPLE magazine, March 17, 2008, has an article on another Cat Burglar, which reminded me so much of our departed Simon.

This cat burglar fetches stuffed animals for the new baby in the household. The lady (mother) has felt so guilty she has posted flyers with photos of the stuffed animals, asking "Is this your stuffed animal?"

Allison V. Smith said...

awww. I still think of Simon every time I see a glove on the street (turns out they are everywhere).