Saturday, March 22, 2008

ROAM tour at DMA

wallpaper. Paris, France, August 1967 © Stanley Marcus

On Thursday, March 27th at 6pm, my mother and I will be giving our first and final tour of the exhibition Reflection of a Man at the Dallas Museum of Art. We'll be signing books in the museum store following. The show ends Sunday, March 30th. Above is one of my favorite photos in the book . This photograph is something you might see in Domino Magazine or in a hidden Paris boutique or the walls of a cool New York gallery.


trey kazee said...

cripes. wish i could come to the tour, but i've already committed to something that evening.

double drat.

avs said...

that's too bad.
I guess we'll have to meet at the next 4pm beer.

Anonymous said...

Allison, I have been to the exhibition twice, and I am putting this down. I would love to meet you. If I'd known that, I'd have waited to buy my book there at the museum so I could get it signed! By the way, the book is magnificent. My partner and I went the first time and he said "I had no idea he was this good." (he's from a family of professional photogs. If you see a short guy with a beard in a wheelchair (only for museums & such...very bad back) being wheeled around by a very tall guy, that's me! Hope to be there.
Kevboy on flickr!

avs said...

thanks for saying hi & for visiting the exhibit. I too look forward to meeting you. cheers!