Sunday, November 25, 2007

thoughts on books

It seemed like the perfect day to organize my photo book collection and make a current list of my favorite books. So here it is, in no particular order .
Raising Frogs for $$$. Jason Fulford. Hands down one of my favorite photo book covers. Inside is simply filled with Polaroids from Fulford's quirky, unusual eye.
The Book of Shadows. Fraenkel Gallery. Collection of vintage snapshots all of which have the photographers shadow casted into it. The pictures become works of art grouped together. It's a cool collection & awesome book.
Masquerade. Inge Morath & Saul Steinberg. I bought this at half price books years and years ago. They had stacks of them and I should have bought them all. Morath and Steinberg win the coolest couple award. In their spare time he would decorate paper bags with faces and she would photograph their friend and family wearing them. It's quite a combo.
Nonfiction. Christopher Anderson. Zine-like quality book of 54 "true photographs from a toy camera." There is no way around it, this book will be collectible.
Heimat . Peter Bialobrzeski. I bought this book in Berlin last spring. I was immediately drawn to the photographs because they remind me of Robyn Oneil's drawings. I love and admire this way of seeing.
Coney Island and Sun City .Peter Granser. Super simple designed books. Even more simple , zen-like eye. A spotless view of the US through a young German's eye.
Unguided Tour. Sylvia Plachy. Long time Village Voice photographer and mother of Adrien Brody (hot stuff). A gift from my sister Juliette in 1999. Tom Waits single in the back. COOL.
Issey Miyake. Irving Penn. This was a gift from my grandfather. Inside he included a note that said " Dear Allie, Penn in my opinion is the greatest of the fashion photographers and perhaps one of the real GREATS of the 20th century. Are you friends with him?"
Irving Penn. forward by John Szarkowski. Thanks Jennie for this A+ book. Penn is possibly one of my favorite portrait photographers. Simplistic and Uncanny all at once.
Henry Wessel five book box set. (Night Walk. Odd Photos. Real Estate. Las Vegas. California&the West. ) Wessel is The Real Deal.
The Photobook: A History Volume II. Martin Parr and Gerry Badger. A great resource and guide for those interested in collecting books.

(above: Philip Johnson's personal library)