Friday, November 09, 2007

Book News

On Monday, Mom & I were interviewed for the CBS Sunday Morning Show. We're not sure when the piece will run. They said 2 weeks or 2 months. Also, we have added some new book signing dates on the Reflection of a Man website. We're book signing in Texas in December so come visit us or if you can't wait, buy our book online here. Thanks to Annette Cutrono for sending the above photos from our Beverly Hills book signing last month. Did I mention I saw Brian Wilson shopping in Neimans with his wife? Too bad he didn't buy the book.


KatieMac said...

hi. when's your book signing at Northpark on 12/22? i hope to stop by then.

weeklybob said... didn't mention that you saw Brian Wilson....but now that you did.....WOW!

Anonymous said...

go allie, go allie!