Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Last week I photographed Herrera's mexican restaurant for the New York Times. They wanted "colorful & lively" so I photographed food and lunch crowd at noon. I went back at dusk to shoot the top shot which was inspired by the bottom photo (following me?), circa 1984, National Geographic, photo by my old teacher and friend, David Alan Harvey. That's called 20+year old inspiration. Thanks David.


Cari said...

Mmmm. I just saw the photo of the enchiladas as I was reading the NY Times article. Bad timing. I haven't had lunch yet and I'm trying to go veg this week.

Good plans be damned, I'm heading to the Tex Mex joint so I can get some cheese enchiladas with chile con carne sauce.

Nice work!

mel said...

I totally remember when that article came out...I also remember waiting outside for a table when it was at the tiny Grapevine. byob helped!
still a family fave!