Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Summer 2004 fellow adventurer and friend, Jill Johnson, and I took our 3rd-week + long photo adventure-road trip with the dogs through the west. We drove out of our way to go through Colorado City, home of polygamy and polygamist prophet Warren Jeffs. Jill had just finished reading Under the Banner of Heaven and recited the whole story during the hours it took to drive there. I was spooked and intrigued. 3 years later, Jeff is on trial. Photographer and friend of superficialsnapshots, Trent Nelson, has been covering Warren Jeff's trial for the Salt Lake Tribune. Check out his blog for amazing photos and words.

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Lulu said...

creeeepy... founded in 1985. only in america is there enough land to build ranch style homes (my favorite style) and to found your own city to hide from the law! we need some modern cowboys to rustle those freaks down. i'd like to see the rest of your colorado pics one day. cool blog.