Tuesday, September 04, 2007

strange, sad but true

I was very sad to hear the news about the talented Carter Albrecht's death. I have photographed Carter multiple times over the years and would consider him a friend. His talent was beyond belief. Seeing him at his best on stage was truly a treat. I photographed this of him in 2003 at the old Barley House in Dallas. I was experimenting with my flash and today that glow seems even more meaningful. I love all action on the table. Booze, cigarettes, cold hard cash and dice. But the best is Mary Me. I wasn't the only girl in town who wished he would. Rest in Peace, Carter Albrecht.


sarah jane said...

good god that's a gorgeous picture.

grace vroom said...

this is a beautiful picture.

i've been listening to his songs for the past three days. i'm heartbroken and i miss him.