Monday, August 06, 2007

summer vacation

I have been in Maine a week with my family. (note birthday party photo above) The Maine Photographic Workshop, now Maine Media Workshop, is barely 10 minutes from my parents house. This summer it has had a flood of amazing photographers come through since I have been here. I met Pulitzer prize winner-Boston Globe bad-ass Stan Grossfeld, reconnected with Boston freelance wizard and cool portrait king, John Goodman. Some of the members of VII, Eugene Richards, Ron Haviv, Lauren Greenfield spoke to a small group Saturday. And then there was Swanie (mary virginia swanson) . I spoke to her class last week about being a freelancer. She is always full of great ideas and inspiration. Hopefully there is more to come in the next two weeks. I hope this justifies my blog silence.


grace vroom said...

stan grossfeld is my HERO. i think i was almost in tears after his slideshow while telling him how inspiring he is. his son, sam, came and hung out with the yophos too. they are such a cool family...much like yours!!!!! i'm jealous you get to stay there with your amazing fam...hi to all from DC!

Anonymous said...

you sure do have a bunch of pretty folks in your family!!! so cute!!!